Do you know five things before getting started with your house painting ?

    It seems a complex project when we think of a house painting project but simplifying it will be a very much rewarding and wonderful experience, for you and your family.  So if you are thinking to initiate it and getting your home painted hassle-free and properly, Here’s some useful guide to the five most important things you need to keep in your mind. 

   1.     Painting is itself a science and art

        Painting a house or even some part of the wall seems too much effort at first thought, but unless you have an idea or practice of doing it. You may not aware of the material used or wasted during the process. Because you are unaware of the surface and it’s characteristic required materials and not familiarity with necessary safety precaution to avoid potential disaster on your hands.  

      2Visualize your walls with colors with the help of a Mobile App.

                        Before you go ahead with the house painting, you must visualize the shades and color of the wall by using technology like Asian paints Visualizer and other paint company apps. You must ask some question to yourself before selecting the color of the wall. Why are you doing this in this place? What emotion would you like to bring to your visitors?  Do you like texture or wallpaper? Do you like to paint your wall with some real living image (Mural Art Painting), It’s not necessary that you should know these things beforehand, but if you think about these question. It will help you to better decorate your home. UrbanKare can help you to find these answerers. 

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