How do you select professional house painter in Patna?

                                                   There are few companies in Patna that provide Professional House painterUrbanKare helps you to manage your house painting work professionally via our dedicated site manager along with an experienced painter in Patna.

                                                      If you are looking Professional house painter in Patna, your search comes to end here with UrbanKare. Prior to the initiation of the house painting project, please note down some important points that must be taken care of us.  

                                                      There are some must-have tools that always required in the interior and exterior painting. Some of the most needed ones are as follows. UrbanKare Patna House Painters always having these mentioned tools.

  • Paint Brush of all sizes and rollers
  • Paint tray
  • Ladder
  • Paint tape
  • Sanding Machine as per requirement
  • Putty Mixing Machine as per requirement

Get your house painted by UrbanKare and we will make sure that it must look stunning.

  1. Paints based on base

            On the Paints base of bases, paints are two types. The first one is the solvent Based mostly oil or alkyd solution. The second one is water-based paints. The first one will take time to dry and later one will be drying faster even in the same.        

           Latex / water-based paint is best for the interior house painting. However, for exterior painting, oil-based painting (Normally it called Weatherproof Paint).

  1. Paint is also based on the degree of sheen.

       Sheen is usually indicating the reflection of light by painting. One of the most important things to note that less sheen indication lesser capacity for stain resistance. According to it paint is categorized. 

  •      Gloss Finish – It’s used in such a space that is used frequently and it is cleaned easily. it is again high gloss with higher sheen and semi-gloss paints with lesser sheen.
  • Eggshell – It is best for the living room and bedrooms. We can have a smooth and eye comforting texture with a low-sheen.


  We used to provide regular training to our professional painter in every possible manner.

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