Do You Know That There Is Some Wall Painting Designs That Will Give Beautiful Comfort, Warmth and Relaxation Look To Your Home Walls in Patna??

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Painting your wall with some special wall color designs in a budget cost way to beautify your space in Patna. We are sharing some great ideas to paint your dream home that will take it to next level.

                                                  Paint your walls with specific designs to add some sparkle to your walls and make your home look more elegant than ever.

                                                   You can imagine that your wall is a clean canvas and it’s waiting to be alive by specific paint designs. Cool and specific paint design ideas come from simple and natural places. So, it would be great if you keep your mind open. If you want to see your home will look fresh and special, then you need more color than a single accent color.

                                              You can make your home wall more than accent color by the explosion of color by so many designs ideas that we share below with you. You can try in your home with UrbanKare Team.

  •        Colorful Waves

                                              Instead of using traditional color paints, you can try something special with your specific wall. Which is something different than normal Paints like Waves. They usually grab more attention allow us to feel lively and that give remarkable way to connect with other aligned color of wall in that space.

color wave
  •          Polka Dots

                                    Whenever we think of wall painting ideas and designs, Polka Dots can make our room with lot happiness and joyfulness. You can go with elegant look with small dots in a some particular color or you can make it bigger and smaller Polka Dots.  

polka dots
  •             Vertical Stripes

                    It’s a narrow or thick line on interior wall and that make single multi-color wall with awesome looks. Its usually a straight vertical line with our selected color on it.  

   ·       Patterned

                                          There is another wall painting design ideas that looks bit tricky but can be done simply in a normal way. We can choose pattern like chevron or herringbone. You can choose as a many color in a pattern with multiple design tricks

  •           Chalkboard Wall

                                            You can make use of chalkboard to produce an prominence wall. This will provide you as well as your family to choose a new look for your home wall with lot of chalk drawings. 

  •  Rainbow Stripe

                                               Sometimes we confuse to select a particular color for our home and so we can choose multiple colors in the form of a Rainbow. You can paint an entire single wall or multiple walls of your house with rainbow with stripes or an only a slight section. Can make use of more than a few color combinations to get the right look for your wall decoration 

  •     Freehand

                             If you are creative person or imaginative, you can choose a freehand wall art painting on your wall. Freehand is anything that is drawn by pencil on your wall and put color into your imagination. Paint can be used to describe your imagination and creativity 

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