Modern and Traditional Sofa Designs To Go with Your Home Decor

The face of your home’s beauty is your living room; a place where you spend most of your time in. And, the only place in a living room that provides you comfort is the sofa. Choosing the right modern and traditional sofa will give you more than just a furniture that adorns your room. Having said that, finding the perfect piece is never an easy task. The colour of the fabric or leather needs to compliment the walls of your room, the curtains and even your rug, truth be told.

Once you are clear about what colour most perfectly matches your room, your next confusion would be, perhaps, the style of the sofa. Depending on the size of your living room and also the number of people residing in the house, you may want to opt for the most befitting structure. Again, since there are numerous options in the market, picking the most relevant item may be easy, of course, after deciding.

In this blog content we will share with you the types of sofas you can choose from and the kind of styles that might suit your living room.


1. The U-Shape Sofa

These huge sofas are more like a comfort that you can share with big families, without worrying about more couches, chairs or bean bags to add around it. A huge U-shape sofa will accommodate at least 5 – 6 people at a time. Also, sofas as such can be used for a quick nap during the day, or for sleeps at night  too, when there are too many guests at home. Club it with a rug that can aesthetically add some value to your room, along with a decent sized center table for the use.

Modern and Traditional Sofa Design
2. A Three Seater

If you are looking for a sofa for your spacious living room but don’t want it to occupy a lot of area, you can opt for a three seater. These sofas either come with two single seaters at the sides or just alone. They are quite room friendly and also leaves enough place for side tables and a centre table. You can club it with a nice rug to go with your interior and also include small fluffy pillows for a cozy look.

3. A Two Seater

There’s not much difference from the above mentioned, however, two seaters are for small spaces. You cannot be congesting your room by adding sitting furniture’s that covers larger areas, leaving no place for any other interior idea. Having two seater would mean, you can accommodate at least four people, considering you might want to opt for two single seaters along with it, or perhaps small couches to go with it. A small functional centre table with storage and perhaps, a nice side-table at one corner will serve the purpose of a cozy yet spacious room for you.

4. King Sofa Set
  1. – Not everyone is into ancient and bygone styles these days. With an array of choices in the market, everyone is running after contemporary designs with the latest comforts. However, we do have people who love the authenticity of traditional and ancient furnitures. For a house that follows traditional interior designing and decoration, King sofas are one of the best items to have in a living room. To make it even more authentic, you can choose from a wide range of carpets that come from the traditional homes of the mountains and valleys.



A perfect home is defined by its interior, and the furniture are there to add to its aesthetics. Spending money on them and ending up disliking them won’t do you any good. If you have trouble choosing the right sofa for your rooms, feel free to take the experts’ advice and eliminate any grain of doubt you have. Trust us, you’ll save a fortune.

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