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A home is made of love, sacrifice and respect. Hence we are responsible to maintain and renovate it.

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Whenever you want to transform a room into a totally different animal, change the color. Beautify Your World.!

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6 Home Decor Tips for Navratri This Year

                             Navratri is celebrated for the victory over evil and is one of the most beautiful festivals in Hindu culture. Nine days of complete energy, all positive and strong. It is only obvious we want to celebrate every moment of the festivity with as much light and colours as we possibly can. Although, every region enjoys this festival in a slightly different way, making a home beautiful during this time is the motive of all.                        

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5 Tips and Tricks for Your First Terrace Gardening

In the reference of terrace gardening, Urban life can be daunting and everything adds up to the exhausting lifestyle. Even the cutting down of trees to accommodate commercial and residential buildings. The evolving population and urbanization has their own downsides, and although it is not so rosy, people from rural areas migrate to urban societies for better opportunities.  Nonetheless, the loss of greenery leaves us with a void that cannot be filled any time soon. So, how do we come to terms with a better lifestyle with no greenery?   Perhaps, terrace gardening is the answer. Having a terrace garden

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Modern and Traditional Sofa Design

Modern and Traditional Sofa Designs To Go with Your Home Decor

The face of your home’s beauty is your living room; a place where you spend most of your time in. And, the only place in a living room that provides you comfort is the sofa. Choosing the right modern and traditional sofa will give you more than just a furniture that adorns your room. Having said that, finding the perfect piece is never an easy task. The colour of the fabric or leather needs to compliment the walls of your room, the curtains and even your rug, truth be told. Once you are clear about what colour most perfectly matches

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4 Tips To Pick A Perfect Wardrobe for Your Room

One of the most essential items to have in a bedroom is a set of wardrobes that can take in all the fashion you collect. Not limiting its ability to just accommodate clothing, a wardrobe, when used optimally, can do you a lot of favor, like decluttering and making more room for decorative items, functional designs, and much more. Having a wardrobe is one of the best storage options you will pick as this piece of furniture is going to provide you with the freedom to organize your life the way you want. But what kind of wardrobe is apt

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Rustic Farmhouse

5 Inspiring Ideas For a Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design

Rustic Farmhouse interior may sound a little old school to people who enjoy the eclectic style. The major reason being, farmhouse interior does not allow much diversification of style and is mostly rustic in nature. Walls in white, surfaces of wood, galvanized buckets, and vases, jute rugs, distressed paints, speaks farmhouse by all means. However, our imagination is not limited to a certain style, hence, picking the right thing for the right place to compliment another style will bring everything together. If you adore the warmth of the countryside touch but are not sure how to incorporate that in your

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15 quick ideas for living room decor by the Interior designer of Patna

15 quick ideas for living room decor by the Interior designer of Patna.

15 Quick Ideas For LIVING ROOM DECOR by the Interior designer of Patna. Go through this article to get 15 quick ideas for living room decor by the Interior designer of Patna. Interior designer are involved into making your living room is where your soul is. As they say First impression is the last impression. Drawing/living room is where the impression of your home is formed. We spend a great extent of time with our loved ones there then why not transform the drawing-room into heaven. Here are those 15 quick ideas for living room decor by the Interior designer

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