5 Elegant Living Room Designs for Your Beautiful home

     A living room is a place where we spend most of our times in. This space is used for entertainment, celebrations, relaxation, gatherings, and whatnot. Having said that, a living space with aesthetically organised setup can make a lot of difference in our lives as we spend hours in there. A perfect combination of decor and colors adds elegance to the room. How? Let’s show you a compilation of 5 living room decorating ideas that can change the way you look at your space, big or small. And mind you, these are completely doable by oneself.  

1. Bold Artwork

Living Room Designs

    When we say artwork, we generally come up with ideas that concerns framed paintings or photographs. Although that would be completely justice, we’d still like to introduce you to bolder way of using the entire room as a canvas. The featured image explains how woodwork and basic items can convert a simple room into a beautiful work of art. Using broader wall borders in wood can give an impression of a massive wall art, and a darker shade for the ceiling excludes it from the border for definition. Chandeliers are a thing of the past, but for a classic appearance, hanging lamps are perfect. Designed by Kevin Dumais, this featured living room decor proves that elegance can come through basics as well. Using earthy tones, fabric sofas, wooden table, carefully chosen decorations, everything adds to the beauty  of this artwork.

2. Hanging Chair

Living Room Designs

  We’ve always been told that swinging or hanging chairs are for the outdoors. And we have witnessed them ourselves for years. But the revolutionary decor ideas have shattered the myth to bits. If you are looking for a lively and casual place to spend your days in, installing hanging chairs in your living room can add more vibe to that. The featured image is a design by Romanek Design Studio and it is everything lively. However, in case you are wondering what alternative you have for a rental house or apartment, worry not, you get these beautiful egg chairs that looks like a hanging chairs and they will serve the purpose very well.

3. Statement lighting

Living Room Designs

    Statement lightings are quite popular in commercial spaces. However, for small home spaces, using a classy lighting can act like a solution for most small space decor problems. Normally, we assume statement lighting to be big and expensive, but the truth is just the opposite. You can choose an antique piece to highlight a corner that looks dull and needs more attention. If you are looking for something that makes your living room stand out from the rest, choosing a chandelier may work, but for a change of look, you might want to try the Edison lighting ideas. The featured image is a design by Joakim Johansson which explains how a small living space can come to life with just a hanging ball lights in the centre and a bare Edison lamp in the corner for a complete look.

4. Modern Art

Living Room Designs

     Modern art has evolved over time and apart from expensive works by artists like Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo, we have numerous artists to choose from today. Also, digital printing has made life way much easier. If you have an image of modern art with good resolution, you can have that printed in large and place it on one of the walls in your living room. Yes, that is completely legal for personal use unless you start selling them. The featured image is a design by Nicole Franzen where the modern art is complimented by carefully chosen colour theme of the living room. A good modern art adds sophistication to a space.

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5. Book Shelf

Living Room Designs

     If you are an avid reader and have loads of books with you, which you are not sure where to keep, use it as a decor! Taking an example of the featured image, designed by Lisa Romeerein, you can actually turn your collection of books into a living room decoration. Or perhaps a wall even, who knows? Using a manually built book shelf as a room divider is a great idea for both book storage and room statement. It’s up to you, how you’d like to categorise your books in the shelves; colour wise or genre wise.

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