5 Elegant Living Room Ideas for Your Beautifull home

The living room is a place where we enjoy with our little ones, celebrate small occasions, watch family movies, and used to relax on a comfy sofa. So it is nothing but our family gathering place where we enjoy ourselves together. So Living rooms should have to be aesthetic. To make your living room more aesthetic we have compiled the 5 best living room decorating ideas. The living room is more spacious than other rooms so it needs a large number of decorating items. Designing or decorating a living room with perfect elements and colors can make it more elegant to live in. We spend hours in the living room so it should be a place of comfort. Let’s explore 5 Elegant Living Room Ideas.

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1. Bold Artwork in Living Room

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The classic artworks are always pleasant because they are simple and easy to understand, so they look more elegant and comfy. In this living room, the wall borders are decorated with wooden art. The ceiling is painted in browned-red and has a chandelier that looks like a collection of table lamps. The colors used in the living room is match with the painting. This room is designed by Kevin Dumais. Kevin used a circular table in the middle of the sofa set. This room also has a space for natural light and also has a place for plant-pot.

2. Hanging Chair in Living Room

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If you like an energetic living room with a combination of comfort then this design is for you. Hanging chairs not only gives a playful look but also fills energy in the room. Big windows with a hanging chair will be a perfect combination for relaxation. It can also add a charming look to your living room. This room is designed by Romanek Design Studio.

3. Statement lighting

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Statement lightening is considered as one of the best decorating elements of home and office. There are various designs of statement lightning but a brass accent that seems metallic has its impression. If these metallic statement light balls are installed in the living room then it will give an alluring look. While installing statement lighting try to keep a minimalist design because it suits it. If the color of metallic lights is deep then keep light color on walls. Here you can see the minimalist design which has a simple light table with a mini flower pot. This living room is designed by Joakim Johansson.

4. Modern Arts in Living Room

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Arts can inspire us at any moment. Wherever we look at the art, it reminds us about something or it inspires us so hanging art in the living room is not only to be considered a decorating item but using this also affects us psychologically. If you have a small-sized collection of art then it can be used but large-sized art can give a cozy look to your living room. Arts do not cost surface space so decorating with arts can be budget-friendly that can give rich look to your living room. Here the depicted living room is designed by Nicole Franzen.

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5. Book Shelf in Living Room

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If you are a book lover then this living room design idea is perfect for you. There are a lot of books in our home but not in an orderly manner, if we use it as a decorating item then it will surprise you with a handsome look. A lot of books can make it a library and it will seem boring for the living room so choose a handful colorful covered books and arrange it into a designer shelf, then it will give your room an intelligent look. A celebrity chef Alex Hitz says “The room doesn’t get a lot of light, so I decided to make it cozy and turned it into an English-style portrait room, which is ridiculous, but fun,”. This room is designed by Lisa Romeerein.

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