3 Home Automation Ideas For a Techie House.

There is lots of Home Automation Ideas. Ever since the evolution of gadgets became normal, walking parallel to these technical developments has become partially necessary. Upgrading to an automated home would also mean giving yourself endless reasons to enjoy your abode. There are a plethora of blogs available that will talk about home automation ideas and honestly, this one is no different. However, we promise to give you just three majorly applicable home automation ideas that will comfort you, boost your interior decoration, as well as reduce your energy bills.

Without further ado, let us share these ideas to make you believe what home automation devices can do.

Smart Home Lighting System -

The new lighting technology has a lot to offer. With these ideas, you won’t have to worry or feel irked by the constant brightness or poor illumination inside or outside. This automation system is so smart, it can adjust itself as per your requirement. Below are a few lighting automation ideas that you can opt for your home:

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1. Entry and Pathway Lightings -

The first thing that grabs attention is the entry of a house. Whether it’s for your guests or for yourself, having a pathway that is beautifully lighted has a great impact. But you wouldn’t want a fully illuminated outdoor area at all times. Therefore, with the automated lighting system, you can schedule your entryway lightings to turn on as soon as you are at the gate. With the help of the recommended app for the feature, you can easily activate this system in a go.

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2. Brightening or Dimming Interior Lightings

Based on the way you have programmed your lighting system; it will function timely. Lighting automation will either brighten or dim itself at the set times. For example, you may need bright light for work at home until 8 pm and not after that. The automated lighting system takes note of that and keeps itself bright until 8 pm and then gradually dims.

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3. Night Lights

Using the switchboard to turn the light on or off every time we enter or exit a room may seem helpful in saving energy. While it is true but with automation, you can do that with swag. With a lighting automation system, you can set your lights in the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, or even the hallway, to turn off or on. The sensors used are so sensitive that they recognize the movements and work accordingly

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4. The Goodnight Light

Say bye to turning off the lights before hitting the bed. The lighting automation function will turn off all the lights with the help of a single command using your phone app.

Smart Thermostat

While it may not appear necessary to you, a smart thermostat still is an excellent addition to your home. The temperature settings in your house can be easily programmed and automated based on the usage, and heating or cooling requirements as per the weather conditions. By learning your daily habits, these smart thermostats turn on and off automatically to ensure appropriate heating and cooling without wasting it on an empty room. 

In the world of endless automation possibilities, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, in India, home automation is not quite a thing yet. Simple reasons being, home automation is slightly expensive, has limited clarity in people, is considered a luxury, and is less popular among the general public. If we set aside these complexities and decide to move ahead with time, we will get there soon. So, if you are interested in automating your home, pick the right of home automation  that suits your needs and enjoy.

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