4 Best Major Layouts For Modular Kitchen Designs

One can’t get enough of Modular Kitchens! And reasons are simple, they are simply the best. The popularity of having modular kitchen is ever high now. This increase in demand for modular kitchen is for the fact that it helps in proper utilization of space. Modular kitchen can be created any size of given space. A modular kitchen design gives the advantage of creating enough storage, walking space and showcase areas.

A great home has a great kitchen. Over time the use of kitchen has evolved. It is not more just a space where food is cooked and food items are stored. Now a kitchen holds a lot more value than before. It is space where friends and family interact and enjoy their time over cooking! It is a gateway of good vibes in home.

Modular kitchens are very appealing for factors like:

They give an edge to your kitchen,

Your kitchen looks more organized,

You get enough space,

They look elegant,

They provide enough storage,

And they are affordable.

A modular kitchen is itself is a way to style your home! In fact they can become most attractive area of your house. In today’s world most flats and house are created in such way that they give layout for modular kitchens.

Every kitchen has own layout and structure and accordingly modular kitchens are designed.

A modular kitchen is a design in which utensil cabinets and storage cabinets are created. Spaces are also created for appliances.

Let’s talk about types of modular kitchen since every house has different layouts.


U Shaped Kitchen

A U – shaped kitchen is a kitchen where three walls are structured for cooking facilities. This provides space and enough areas for storage and appliances. This kitchen layout would have 42 – 48 inches (107 – 122cm) between the facing aisles. The sink is often placed beneath the window

u shape modular kitchen patna modular kitchen

The advantages of having U- shaped kitchen are various as they give enough floor space and room to create multiple cabinets. It also allows two or more people to utilize the area simultaneously. This is one of most loved layout for a kitchen.

                    L- Shaped Kitchen

L –shaped kitchens are most common type of layout. Depending on type of house, it can be big or small. In this layout one platform is for stove and for appliances and the sink is in just life or right of it.

l shaped modular kitchen cabinet patna modular kitchen



                  Parallel Kitchen

                                        Most of the studio apartments come with one wall kitchen. The layout of this type of kitchen is pretty simple, all the structures and spaces are created on one wall. This is also the simplest form of layout for a kitchen. Kitchens like these are perfect for working professional and bachelors.


modular kitchen patna modular kitchen

                        This may sound and look small but fear not, with modular kitchen design even spaces like these can create sufficient storage and working space. Advantage of having one wall kitchen is that it leaves enough area for the rest of the house. 

I-Land Kitchen

Island floor kitchen is types of layout which enable you enjoy cooking to the fullest. It’s super spacious and versatile. Building modular kitchen in this layout creates plenty of storages cabinets, availability of space for kitchen appliances and accessories.

urbankare modular kitchen modular kitchen

                        Island floor kitchen are classy and elegant and with right choice of modular kitchen designs, a great cooking experience can shared with friends and family. All the above layouts are the once with most storage capacity and perfect for any home style. They designed in a way to bring people in a place where they enjoy cooking meals for their loved one! Urbankare take outmost care in providing their clients with best suited Modular Kitchen designs. Our designers after evaluating the given layout of your kitchen, designs best suited prospect for your kitchen. One of our top priorities is to create enough storage and give the most suited stylish and elegant look.


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