4 Tips To Pick A Perfect Wardrobe for Your Room

One of the most essential items to have in a bedroom is a set of wardrobes that can take in all the fashion you collect. Not limiting its ability to just accommodate clothing, a wardrobe, when used optimally, can do you a lot of favor, like decluttering and making more room for decorative items, functional designs, and much more. Having a wardrobe is one of the best storage options you will pick as this piece of furniture is going to provide you with the freedom to organize your life the way you want. But what kind of wardrobe is apt for your needs?


Below are 4 tips to help you pick the perfect wardrobe for your room.

1. Storage Space

Before you fall for those beautiful wardrobes advertised to you, ask yourself if you really need them. The need of your room could be big or small, and purchasing a wardrobe that either leaves you with too much space or less space won’t serve the purpose well. Start by figuring out the layout of the wardrobe. If you have a lot of clothing that needs to be hung, you will require a good hanging space.

 You might want to have shelves for other clothing, shoes at the bottom, and bags, drawers for cosmetics and accessories, along with a safe for your important items. If your requirements are very minimal, you can opt-out of the drawers and just have what you need.


2. Wardrobe Type

Once you have figured out what kind of storage space you want, the next to choose is whether a freestanding will suit you best or a fully fitted one. Although the freestanding ones are easily movable, they may not have a lot of space compared to a fully fitted wardrobe. Another thing to consider is whether you would like door panels or a sliding door wardrobe. Door panels are standard designs with separated compartments. 

They can be accommodated in decently spacious rooms. On the other hand, sliding doors are pretty common these days as they can be installed even in tight spaces. Also, some people like having a mirror on one of the doors of the wardrobe as that helps in making more space.

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3. Material

When choosing a wardrobe, you will have invested some time thinking about the theme of the room. If that doesn’t bother you, no harm, however, a wardrobe that complements other furniture in the bedroom is always an add-on. Again, there are many other choices to pick from, like the material of the wood. 

The mostly used wardrobes are made of solid wood but you also get to choose between that and particleboard. The board may have either a matte finish or a high gloss finish, therefore, you might want to check which one goes well with your room. 


4. Size

It is easy to get carried away by wardrobes with an amazing built. You may think it’ll easily fit your room and purchase without a second thought, only to realize after delivery and assembly that it doesn’t. Check the dimensions of the wardrobe and the size of your room. Allot an area for the piece of furniture and check if the wardrobe falls within that size. 

If not, you’ll be either wasting space or leaving no space for anything else. This may not be a problem if you opt for a fully fitted wardrobe as the entire work will be done inside the room and you’ll be well aware of the dimensions.


Whichever type of wardrobe you choose, you must utilize your budget to get the maximum. Ask your interior expert if the price they quote can accommodate your requirement. Weighing out your options with your needs is the best to get what you want. For more ideas and tips, stay tuned until our next post.

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